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Jinchang New Century Hotel Shaoxing
Jinchang New Century Hotel Shaoxing 60 USD

Xian Heng Hotel, Shaoxing
Xian Heng Hotel, Shaoxing 90 USD

Margaret Hotel
Margaret Hotel 37 USD


Accommodation that in Shaoxing is many with middle-and-low-grade hotels. And mostly all in the center of urban area. Most excellent service standard of medium-to-high grade hotels and prestige degree are better...

Travel guide of Shaoxing

Lu Xun memorial hall: Located in Shaoxing city Duchang workshop mouth of the south city, present name in the LuXun road, for one of commemorative museum that the whole country establish earliest...

Shaoxing Overview

Shaoxing is located in the coastal area of southeast of China, the south wing of the Changjiang Delta, lie in 29 degrees and 14 points in the north latitude to 30 degrees and 16 points between northern Hangzhou Yong in the province of Zhejiang...

Shaoxing Cuisine

It is the important component of Zhejiang cuisine to Shaoxing dishes. Numerous the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River among the cooked food, Shaoxing dish more elegantly and simple and honest than Shanghai dish, Hangzhou dish...

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Welcome to Shaoxing!
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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Jinchang New Century Hotel Shaoxing60 USDBook
♦ Xian Heng Hotel, Shaoxing90 USDBook
♦ Margaret Hotel37 USDBook
♦ Shaoxing International Hotel60 USDBook
♦ Dragon Flying Hotel, Shaoxing27 USDBook
♦ Yu De Shui Hotel ,Shaoxing39 USDBook
♦ Dynasty Hotel, Shaoxing42 USDBook
♦ Jishan Hotel Shaoxing28 USDBook
♦ Shaoxing Kaiyue Hotel - Shaoxing57 USDBook
♦ Shaoxing Warm Port Hotel33 USDBook
♦ Holiday Star Shaoxing Hotel22 USDBook
♦ Yonghe Resort Hotel, Shaoxing45 USDBook
♦ Ssaw Hotel - City Shaoxing43 USDBook
♦ Shaoxing Big Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Shaoxing Haigang Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Shaoxing Yintai Hotel0 USDBook
♦ New Century Grand Hotel Shaoxing75 USDBook
♦ Sheng states Paul InterContinental Hotels79 USDBook
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